We promote learning in a bilingual educational environment.

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Ser, hacer
y trascender

We encourage critical thinking and provide our students with bilingual education by granting them the necessary tools and skills that enable them to successfully meet today's challenges.

Academic standards

A full cycle
of education

We provide a complete and quality teaching that encourages us to develop the maximum potential in all of our different levels of education; kindergarten, elementary and secondary school.


Through our stimulating learning program, we foster curiosity and creativity, by helping to build a solid foundation for the future.

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We provide opportunities, challenges and support to meet the individual learning needs of our students.

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Secondary School

We provide skills to develop confidence, creativity and knowledge to produce innovative solutions to the current needs of our World.

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Full education

We Foster global perspectives

We offer a strong bilingual education from kindergarten through high school, with English-speaking certified teachers.

Comprehensive quality education

In addition to providing academic knowledge of excellence, we complement education with physical and social activities that develop a comprehensive education.

The ideal environment

We have modern and equipped facilities that complement the educational environment of our students.

Education is first

We are proud to educate students offering accessible scholarship and tuition programs which allow education to be overlaid on the first and foremost.